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Easy Glide™ Shoulder Suspension provides full upper-body movement without the belt riding up! Suspension is independent of the belt and bags for complete & comfortable body movement while carrying full or partially loaaded bags!

toolbag_b.jpg (26458 bytes)State-of-the-art backpack design
· Ergonomically designed belt contours to
  fit hips and lumbar
· Shoulder straps are a load-bearing
  suspension system like high-performance
· Load spreads over entire belt

· Fully adjustable; bags and accessories
  can be easily added or removed

· Quick attach and detach buckle

· Ridged edge to keep pockets open
· Ample tool and nail slots
· Pockets lined in bright
yellow so contents are easy to see
All components are easy-cleaning

Tough & Comfortable:
· Full cordura construction
· Stiff, heat-reflective foam lumbar supports
Extra thick padded belt & shoulder straps
· Smooth nylon lining against shoulders,
  back, and hips
· Pockets lined with tough river raft material


Sizes: Small, Medium, Large


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