Haul Bag
Features detachable shoulder and waist straps and external daisy chain. Collar has draw string closure.
Size:.. 15" x 36" x up to 51"
10,153 cubic inches
Item #: 3700
Price: $169.99
Size:.. 17" x 36" x up to 51"
11,462 cubic inches
Item #: 3750
Price: $187.99 (with frame)
Size:.. 18" x 36" x up to 51"
12,850 cubic inches
Item #: 3800
Price: $185.50
Rope Bag
This bag is constructed of durable pack cloth and can be used to store rope or as a belay tarp. It features a detachable shoulder strap, two compression straps, carrying handle, and two different colored loops to tie rope ends.
Size:. 59" x 59"
Item #: 3300
Price: $59.99
Chalk Bags
Brush loop, draw string closure. Fleece/Cordura.
Item #: 3500
Price: $14.99
Item #: 3600
Price: $16.25
Ledge Lodge
This durable ledge lodge can withstand the abuse of some of the toughest weather. Features rugged aluminum frame and extra long adjustable straps for use in corners. Includes rain fly and haul sack.
Item #: 8500
Price: $300.00

Custom Construction
The Ledge Lodge will be made to your individual specifications. Call for details on custom sizing, weight, construction and other details.

Ledge Lodge Warning
The ledge lodge is not to be used as a link in your main belay system. Be safe, remain tied in at all times.

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